To our customers:
We are pleased to announce the release of Wizevents version 4.0 that includes a number of new features.
We understand that continued growth is directly related to how well we listen to our customer’s suggestions to make a great product even better. So we personally want to thank our customers for helping us make Wizevents the friendliest and most versatile online event registration system available.
In particular, I would like to thank Molly R. from the JCC of Greater Washington and Adam W. and Judy F. from the Friedberg JCC for your valuable suggestions.
In addition it gives us great pride to announce that we now have over 80 non-profit organizations using Wizevents for online event registration almost doubling our customer base in the past 6 months. 
Thank you for your continued trust in PBCS and Wizevents,
Rich Levitas, CEO
I’m happy to announce, Wizevents Version 4.0 with the following enhancements:
SPICE UP YOUR REGISTRATION FORMS. When you set up an event, you can now choose the page background and a color theme for the form itself.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR SIGNAGE ON NOTIFICATION EMAILS. When you set up an event, you can now specify the text that you want in the signage area of your notification emails. The default, if left empty, is Sincerely, Contact Name, Organization Name, Contact Email, Contact Phone
TICKET HEADING CUSTOMIZATION. Tickets headings can now easily be created with a specified size and color.
TICKET HEADING PLACEMENT WITH EASE. When creating new tickets, you can specify where, within the list of tickets, to place the ticket. This alleviates having to click the up arrow button many times when adding a new ticket.
ASSIGNING SURVEY QUESTIONS TO A NEW TICKET TYPE. When creating new ticket types, you can specify which survey questions should be asked for that ticket if you've already created survey questions. This saves you the time of having to go to each survey question to choose the newly added ticket.
TICKET DEPENDECY OPTION REMOVED. For tickets, the dependency option was removed. It is no longer needed now that multiple choice survey questions can now have money amounts associated with them.
SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS & LINKS. On event registration pages, we have included social media share tools for Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and others. This will allow registrants to publicize events to their friends and colleagues.
MORE COLORFUL REGISTRATION FORMS. When you set up an event, you can now choose the page background and a color theme for the form itself.
EXPANDED TICKET DESCRIPTION.  The ticket description field was increased from 180 characters to 230 characters.
EXPANDED AMOUNT FOR DONATION FIELDS. Donation fields can now accept entries up to 99,999.00 without having to remove the .00.
BLIND COPY OTHER EMAIL ADDRESSES. "Other Email Addresses" specified when setting up an event are listed in the BCC instead of the CC.
CUSTOMIZE FIRST NAME AND LASTNAME COLLECTION FIELDS. When a registrant entered their registration information, on the survey page, it would ask for First Name and Last Name. Now, per event, you can customize a label for these fields, such as Attendee First Name, Donor First Name, Applicant First Name, etc...
ADD-ON FEES OPTION BASED ON SURVEY QUESTIONS.  When creating multiple choice survey questions, you can specify add-on fees when certain options are selected. This is useful when you have member vs. non-member pricing and optional add-ons for particular ticket types. These addon fees are added to the overall session total and print on the registrant notification email.